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  • Helping you to grow your podcast audience.
  • How to attract and obtain sponsors for your podcast that fits your audience.
  • How to systematize and get yourself booked on other podcasts.
  • Weekly webinars featured on your needs and questions.
  • Finding tools to help you streamline your production and marketing.
  • Discounts to different podcast tools, vendors, and events.
  • And much, much, more for just $97 per month!


Mastermind Member Testimonials

Alicia Couri

Audacious Confidence Show

Scott puts on an amazing time that has helped me to elevate my podcasting game. Such a wonderful, informative and rich experience!


Cassandra McClure

Clean & Beauty Podcast

Scott has helped me in so many ways with my business and podcast. He has also done so much to help me launch my online summit and helped me find amazing speakers and guest appearances for me on other podcasts and on my show as well!


Juliet Clark

Promote. Profit. Publish.

The Mass Media Mastermind is amazing! Scott has so many marketing ideas that help build your influence and visibility. I started working with Scott in January and by April, I had been booked as a guest on 33 new podcasts with his guidance. Love this group!

Jim Beach

School for Startups

Scott brings together the best and brightest and my show and business is better from being a part of the Mass Media Mastermind!


Brett Swarts

Capital Gains Tax Solution Podcast

If you haven’t considered joining the mastermind... let me tell you! I had No Podcast Experience. I wanted to Get My Show Off the Ground & Spread our companies message.  I wanted to impact others and be a part of a group with other like-minded value add first individuals. The Mass Media Mastermind is a GAME CHANGER!


Merrill Chandler

Get Fundable Podcast

The Mass Media Mastermind has EXPONENTIALLY grown my business and my new podcast. Scott has helped me connect with so many awesome people and his marketing prowess is second to none! If you are looking to grow or launch your podcast, then you want Scott on your team!


About Scott Carson

Scott Carson has been a digital entrepreneur and marketer since 2004. He has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs helping them to market their companies and businesses for over fifteen years. Scott started his podcast journey in 2016 and has recorded over 1,000 episodes and has appeared as a guest on hundreds of other podcasts sharing his knowledge and experience in real estate, marketing, entrepreneurship, and podcasting.

Scott has a passion to help other podcasters grow their audience and influence while monetizing their message and passions across different media platforms (audio and video). He has a goal to help 100 podcasters exponentially grow their shows in the next 12 months.


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